Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year~!!

Wow. I didn't blog at all in December~! My, my...I fear I am not too great at the whole blog-community thing anyway...anywho.

I hope you all are having a lovely Holiday...we had a great Christmas and this picture is my favorite, I think. You can't always get what you want, indeed! That's my 3 year old (who's not normally such an ungrateful pill...)--she'd just opened a Thomas train and was much get the idea. She does not truck with the boys' toys, no pun intended. Though the train pictured is a girl, it took actually playing with the track, etc. to convince her of the fun she was having. Really.

So where I have I been? Busy creating and playing, school concerts and parties, and the 101 places we go to every Christmas...and we do have a lot of fun! So, please forgive my Christmas Break!! Here's just a bit of the fun we've had...

A box of goodies to take to the school party for teachers and friends...

We made these cool bird magnets from Somerset Studio...I made a project designed by Jeanette Janson a bit more kid-friendly...paper and wood instead of metal, etc. and we came up with some really pretty little magnets (which my photo doesn't do justice!)

At the school party, I fell in love...with a children's book that I'd never seen before!! "Rain Makes Applesauce" ...anyone? It's sooooo wonderful! And I am blessed with such good friends that I think I'm getting 2 copies of it, from 2 different wonderful pals!! How cool is that? 1 to read, and 1 to put away...
It may have been a sign, of sorts...I really, really, want to get into more illustrative work...and then, I'm told, once you have all that underway it's much easier to break in with your own little book...which I want to do as well. We'll see. Maybe when I retire? Though my husband maintains that artists do not retire, they just die. Which I think is true, as I can't imagine a life without making something. :)
And now...the really big news. I am so pleased to tell you that I am in the current issue of Create and Decorate, on newsstands project is "Heart and Home", and is the first of a seasonal series of, I have a dollie too in the next issue!! I am really happy be working with them and my kid (6) thinks I'm very cool...which, while not necessary, is nice. Can you imagine? I'm cool again!!
Anyway...that's all for this work is on the way, Glitter and Grunge and The Humble my own blog upload on the 7th of January....2008?! Wow.
Thank you all for your friendship,
and your interest in my work,
(as the case may be)