Friday, May 11, 2007

Victoria Williams has MS and I have fairies~!!

Victoria Williams has MS. It's true. It has been true for several years, and I finally remembered to look it up, 9+ years into my own R&R MS (Relapsing and Remitting Multiple Sclerosis). Wouldn't it be cool if I'd been at a B&B 9+ years instead?

Why did I finally remember to Google a bit about Ms. Williams? Well, it's the MS Faeries...that's what I've decided to call this whole memory lapse/brain thing/temporary insanity-hoo-haa. (Otherwise known as lesions/scars/demylenation-whatever journal you're reading...) Anyway...back to the faeries. Normal people (without MS), have ugly little trolls that plod about on their brains, stomping on the little creases and lumps... Every time they stomp down, you (the non-MS'er), remember stuff. Like where you put the grape Jelly....if that shirt indeed must drip-dry even though it says to dry "low"...where THE BUTTON is that you MUST HAVE to finish your latest to drive to the grocery....get the picture? The trolls stomp, you remember, disco, baby!!! You're lookin' fine in that shirt, drivin' to the grocery, eating your jelly san. (Forget the button...that happens to a lot of troll-heads).

On the other hand...

I (an MS'er), have no trolls on my MS brain...I have faieries~!!! They skip and flit and swoop about my noggin with no thought whatsoever as to what brain crease they land fact, I'm pretty sure the plaque builds up because they aren't stomping on my brain at all...they just flit down and twirl on a brain roll now and then, according to their very own fairy whim....
So here I sit in my tight shirt with my PB and nothin' san', without a clue as to how to get more jelly...but I know, that if I sit here long enough I'll remember how to get to the grocery. And when I get there, in my tight shirt (here's hopin' I remember to wear a bra!).................................... I'll probably buy mustard.
Hopefully I won't make a mustard and peanut butter sandwich...

And why was I thinking about such things with enough frequency to remember to look up Victoria Williams? (I mean, it's been years since I listened to Sweet Relief~~ a benefit CD with the likes of Michelle Shocked & Michael Penn...years since the college boy who played Victoria's benefit for me stated "it's always something with you" when I told him I have MS...years since...)

Why was I thinking about MS, Victoria, fairies, MRI's ?

Discrimination, I guess... No, I'm sure. This silly little situation that spiralled out of control and resulted in a hateful, yucky, drama. My friend that has MS was discriminated against. There. Said it.

I worked in theatre, tech. and acting, for several years...on-stage and back-stage, I never felt "less than" for the obvious reason of being a girl. No discrimination. I worked as a grave yard waitress A LOT to put myself through school (with varying degrees of success), and definitely got used to sloppy, drunken, comments etc. etc. But you know what? I expected it. Didn't ask for it, didn't enjoy it, but for Pete's sake it didn't surprise me!! But this whole thing that happened a few weeks back blew me away...
A troll brain didn't "believe" my friend about her memory problems, cognitive issues, etc. And what was more, she had a lot of very hurtful, insulting, even cruel things to say...a stranger made me feel things I haven't felt, ever. My, my...what power. It hurt me, hurt my fairy-headed friend terribly (she still thinks most folks are nice). I have been sulking and questioning, conscious or no, for several weeks now.

An eBay artist I don't know "ask seller-ed" me about how to make my dolls' eyes "happy". Thanks goodness a fairy stomped me at just the right moment and I remembered some manners! Less said soonest mended, and I didn't respond. But you know what? That person was right. No happy eyes from this fairy-head!! LOL I have been sulking...

Those of you familiar with my work may remember "Memory Annes" that I've done over the last few years...these were some of the first dollies that were "received" on eBay. At all. LOL! And I might do some more...they began after my Grandfather's Alzheimer's diagnosis...Loss of any memory~~ short-term, long-term, bad, good~~ is a tragic thing.

We repeat mistakes, and maybe don't live over the beautiful moments as much as possible...

So there may be a new doll-type 'round the corner. Maybe.

They won't sell or anything. :) But that may not be the point, believe it or not!!
I did make a memory faerie a while back...

My what ramblings!!

Of course I had to back my fairy-headed peep!! :) And I posted some links, etc. about the disease...while I was "surfing" I ran across this wicked cool site that basically stated, in many dry, funny, words...
LOLOLOL....and the gal who authored the site was "gone". No posts, her email didn't "work". And I was~~ am~~ so worried about her. I hope she's okay. I hope her hands aren't too numb or crippled to type...I hope she can still do the things she loves the very most, or if she can't, that she's managed to fall in love with other things... I hope someone loves her.
I am blessed with the most incredible support system. I am rich in friends and family; I have priceless treasure in my husband and our two girls. I am wealthy. I have fairies!!! The things MS has taken from me are enough to be counted, believe me. But today I'm choosing to believe that what's been taken has simply lightened my load. Simplified the journey. And it's okay, because of my family and friends who have jelly. And I will always be good looking...

Until next time,


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I made a bear!!!

*Pretty Panda*

Well what do you think?! This isn't my very first bear, but she is the first made of something other than painted muslin...wool felt, to be precise. What fun this bear stuff is!! Now, I will always love dolls but after a bit I get a little now, maybe, needle punch and bears? What do you say?
I used a craft book from Japan to get going (those little craft books are sooooo addicting!)...and I do believe I will look into some mohair for future critters. But for now, I have a sweet honey-girl bear and a duckie in the works from wool felt.

I like her little dress...and needle felted shoes....tiny sequins trim out her party hat... So many details!!!

She was quite fun, and is on ebay this week until Sunday evening, the below to visit her auction...

Well, we're winding down school days here, and winding up for a big wedding in early June! My little brother is getting married!! Oh my...I am ten years older than he and it is more emotional for me than I would care to admit. Was it only yesterday he was doing really disgusting, childish, little brother things? No. It was last week...I think the emotion is relief that someone will have him!

On the CWT Board we've been studying different paintings of Little Red Riding Hood...which, of course, led to my making my own painting...this is up on the big e this week as well:


Stick to the path...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Please remember this family... your thoughts and prayers. Iva is a talented fellow e-artist, and her blog is all about her daughter, Brianna.

I think it's an important thing to remember others and their needs...their struggles. I know I can get so caught up in "everyday hoo-haa"...trivial traumas that are nothing. Anyway...Brianna is an amazing young lady and her mother, Iva, is absolutely incredible~~ strong, composed, and so inspiring...if you visit other folk artist's blogs, you may already know about Iva and her family...please add your prayers to the growing number.