Tuesday, July 24, 2007

October Chick~!!

Wellll...I didn't accomplish nearly as less as I usually wouldn't, having previously said I would have an update. Still, I wish I had more to show you. I took a break and watched "This Family Robertson" (Chloe, 6). Anywho...
I did manage to finish this chicken...and boy oh boy, she is a beauty!
*October Chick*
pin keeper

The entire height is 6", and the bottom egg cushion is about 5+" long. Chickie is made from Helmbold Mohair that I have hand-dyed, and is stuffed with wool...around the green glass eyes I have needle felted a bit. Tiny beak and feet are 100% wool felt. (And the feet have a neato pleat and dart construction which just isn't showing up in the pictures...) The chick is made from a vintage pattern and has 3 gussets in all...very detailed little gal!

Fun, delightful, trim and green ric-rac and velvet ribbon are sewed all around this whimsy~~ the orange plastic flowers you see are vintage, and I have turned them into functional pins...the costume's flowers are the same and secured with tiny green glass beads...and oh yes, the sweetest Moda pumpkin print lines the wings, you just can't see...it matches the Moda flannel of the bottom egg, the striped egg is made from quilt shop quality fabric as well.

This pin keeper is gently weighted with fine gravel and steel shot...it sits quite nicely and is decorative AND functional...how nice is that?!
(thank you!)

I suppose it could be just for the Autumn season, but were it mine, it would stay out year 'round! (But I just put away a Christmas Cat about 2 weeks ago...so...)

In the works? All of the things I didn't get done, and I'm working on some tiny, itty bitty, teensy, owl pins. And a baby crow. And a squirrel. And some schematic drawings I'm supposed to do that, frankly, make my teeth hurt (snap!). But I will finish them, oh yes I will. Anyway, these little owls will be black and white, brown...all different, and the eyes are only 2mm!!! Very tiny! There's a little pin back, and I might pop some onto etsy in the next few days...
Thank you so much for your consideration of my work...thanks to all you folks at home, I have the coolest job(s) ever: a work-at-mom. Even when it's hot and sweaty and cranky and fighty, the wonderful outweighs it all...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Luisa and her tiny dollie...

..."Lorinda". Which, at our house, is the most beautiful name in the world! ( So far we've had 3 dollies and 2 snails named Lorinda...just within a week's time...!!!) Anywho...this sweet 7" Bun' and her 3" Dollie are on eBay this week. Please visit their auction if you have a few moments~~
New work will be posted here on
Tuesday evening...crows, pumpkins, peeps and poppets! I do believe it's time for Halloween themed offerings...


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Prettier in Pink...

No one is more surprised than myself that I actually have an upload on the day I said I would have an upload! I'm faint, and a bit shocked to be totally honest with you...but here's the gang I've got for this Tuesday...and keep scrolling down...the best if for last!
(Just click on the sale prices of the piece(s) you're interested in purchasing...it will generate an email to me, and I will send you a paypal invoice~~sale prices are at the bottom of the descriptions.)

For Sale~!! :)
SOLD!!! (thanks!)
*Bun' in the Garden*

A lovely sewing helper that is sure to brighten your day when threads are snapping and pins are poking..
Bun' is barely 2" high if you count her ears, and a wee 2.5" long. Entire cushion is barely 3" high, and almost 9" 'round. Sewn from re-cycled pink wool (used to be Chloe's dress!)...ric-rac trim is sewn around and I have made flower pins from the wool, yummy vintage-looking sequins, and pearl pins. An excellent addition your sewing nook!!

SOLD!!! (thanks!)
*Cindi Bear Sews*
a One of a Kind Bear

Everyone knows that Cindi is an excellent seamstress....
Though a wee 7" high (not free-standing), she is quite efficient and is most reliable...to say that she is "sought after" to mend blankies and the such is an under-statement!

Cindi is 5-way jointed and made of helmbold mohair. Her muzzle is hand-shaded. Her paws are made from the same pink re-cycled wool...her skirt is sewn from a vintage hankie and her eyes are antique shoe buttons...so many lovely old things make up this bear!
To assist Cindi, she travels with a strawberry emery mounted on a vintage thread spool...it's 2.5" high, and is covered in dainty pale green beads...a heart shaped pin and wool leaves and silk petals complete this sweet addition.


(includes priority shipping)

SOLD!!! (thanks!)

*Sarah Sails*

a One of a Kind Bear

I am so happy with how this Bear turned out! I have had a tiny bit of her dress fabric in my stash for a few years, and finally made something special enough to use it up!~~it's a 40s looking polka-dot print, with tiny stars scattered over the back-ground and a crescent moon and anchor on each polka-dot...tiny crochet lace trims the dress perfectly...

Sarah is 8" high, 5-way jointed and made of sparse Helmbold mohair...her muzzle and paws are hand-shaded and her eyes are antique shoe buttons. (Paws and pads are 100% wool felt...) She's stuffed with polyfill, excelsior, and steel shot.
I have crocheted a hat especially for Sarah~~ it even has a hole cut into it to fit 'round her right ear!! It's made of wool yarn and has a ribbon woven through the edging...felted a bit for fitting, and then a vintage button (pinned on) makes the hat "just so". Bear, dress, and hat have been carefully aged and antiqued..Sarah's details are carefully recorded onto an Americana tag created by Lori, of Vintage Palette.

Sarah has been made to look as if she's very old (she assures me this is not "an act")...we were discussing how loose her right leg is...Sarah was simply appalled at the idea that I would tighten or mend anything about her bearish person! She informed me that there is a specific reason that her right leg is as it is...

...it seems she was carried by it most of the time. These were some of her dearest memories (as she could sit right side up upon arrival...), journies she would take with her girl. Sarah sweetly explained that quite often things are not as they seem~~ while I had assumed she would like her leg to be tightened up, in fact she would not as it reminds her of her girl and their adventures.

Sarah has a story about her hat, her dress...even the button pinned onto her hat ribbon...and she will tell you each of them upon her arrival, at your convenience!

(includes priority shipping)


And that's that~!! Hopefully you've enjoyed my offerings....and I just might have something to show you next Tuesday as well!

Thank you for your consideration...



Friday, July 13, 2007

Dollies and Bears for Sale...

...on Tuesday, July 17th. I will update this page for your shopping pleasure! :) You can certainly subscribe to my blog, so that you know the exact moment in time, and of course I'll do the ol' email list.
With rising costs and looming deadlines of just about every selling venue (besides etsy), more and more artists are beginning to take control of their own destinies~!! And so shall I...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

S is for Squirrel!

Well, it's here! My super-dee-dooper newest Needle Punch Pattern, and the next in the alphabet series...So far there's P & O...T never really took off, so there'll be a whole new one o' those.

Today I am introducing the Letter S...*S is for Squirrel!!*

Available on etsy and eBay, or you can buy it right here...

$8.40, Free shipping (as always)

This one comes with the punch pattern (that you can hook, too), and it also has a wee acorn-shaped pinkeeper to make up...would make a cute ornament too!

The Red oak leaves that "frame" Mr. Squirrel are made from 3 strands variegated, 3 strands solid, and 1 strand of thread, for a very subtle and beautiful effect...I kept thinking of how amazing Autumn leaves really are with their different dappled colors...I fear I have not done them justice!

And I'm planning to have every single-pattern-ever in my etsy store within the week. Plus, more in the Alphabet series, as well as more Punch Poppets...

I often am inspired by Emily Dickinson...I remember falling in love with her poems at our community college here, and seeking solace within the pages of borrowed paperback collections...Emily spoke to me at a peculiar time in my life, and I remain enchanted. I especially love her images of autumn, and frankly, when the summer weather is so horribley hot, I love to make Autumn Offerings of Art and to read Emily's thoughts on cooler seasons...

The morns are meeker than they were,

The nuts are getting brown —

The berry's cheek is plumper,

The rose is out of town.

The maple wears a gayer scarf,

The field a scarlet gown.

Lest I should be old-fashioned,

I'll put a trinket on.

~ Emily Dickinson

Until next time,



Monday, July 2, 2007

A Daring Move...

...oh yes, it's revolutionary my dear friends. I think this blog is it. Really. I think that pretty soon it will just take over the ol' website I have-for-no-apparent-reason.

Although, I must admit, that when you state "I'm self-employed" (and you get THE LOOK. You know the one....), and then you get THE QUESTION:

Oh. What do you do????

Ah. What, indeed, do I do? Well, Ms. XPQ....I am an artist.

Oh. Uh.... (and here, she actually gets a bit flustered...I've thrown her some kind of curve-ball or something...she was expecting direct-selling companies with ornate pyramids...or she was thinking I'd started my own church...or that I make and sell vegan corn-dogs...something like that. But no. No, no, Ms. XPQ. I make ART. Hah!) ...what kind of art?

Okay. Now the corn-dogs were pushing, I'll admit. But I have seriously, honestly, fielded the above question. WHAT KIND OF ART. And I'll tell you, I'm freakitin tempted to make up a new "movement". Like, say, I'll be like:

"Oh, I'm a horkenstatter. Part of a guilde, have my own kiln and all...you know, with the natural fibers...NOT the synthetic frooglenabbers. I feel pretty strongly about using 100% 'nabbers. I mean, who can deny a good, quality, froogle?? Just like my Grandmother used....I feel like I'm really passing something along, you know..."

Anyway. Who cares what kind of art???? We kind of get right back to the what-do-you-do idiocy. Really. Okay...back in the real world, I actually say:

I'm a folk artist. (And then, my my, you really get the look! And you can see Ms. XPQ thinking....was the rotweillwer poo fella a folk artist? hmmm.....) But all I have to say, to relieve all tension, to diffuse and validate this akward interview, is this:

I have a website.

And then, "we're cool", Ms. XPQ and I. We are good-to-go.

But, I am giving away all of that security for a mere $20 a month (...which buys a little more than 5 gallons of milk, you know.)

I've experimented, and saying, "Well, I have a blog!", just doesn't have the same effect. But that's okay. Hopefully my skin will thicken along with my bones...

I guess we'll see?

Until next time,