Monday, August 18, 2008

Wicked Talent...

I am sooooo thrilled to officially be a part of EHAG!

Eclectic Halloween Artists check out the loads of fabulous art that's up right now, on eBay--there's presently an artist's challenge underway:
Halloween Carnival

Just click (above banner) to visit all of the auctions!!

Mine own offering is a ne're-do-well cat named Charlie--he's actually banned from the carnival...and you'll just have to click (below) to find out why!! :)

Should you be unfamiliar with EHAG, this is what the artists' blog has to say:

We are a group of professional artists and enthusiasts who share a love for art that celebrates the magic of All Hallow's Eve. Halloween painters, sculptors, doll artists, miniaturists, fiber artists and collectors alike gather here to share, inspire, encourage, support and discuss our latest creations!

Do go take a peek!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pin Cushions & An Award!!

Life isn't easy
for the Pin Cushion Queen.
When she sits alone on her throne,
Pins push through her spleen.
Tim Burton

One of my favoritest Tim Burton Poems-- yes, he writes poetry too! All charmingly illustrated...

But, I digress--what's all the hullabaloo about Pin Cushions?? I was so excited to realize there is some folklore associated with pin cushions (or pinkeeps, as you will...), according to Martha Stewart. And we won't question her, now will we?! This is a sweet little freebie project on her site (click picture at right):
Martha writes:
"Pincushions were once set on mantels in new homes to bring occupants prosperity..."
What a loverly gift for newlyweds or a housewarming...!

I have to tell you, the sweetest thing happened--after a long, long, day, I checked my email to find that Trudy of Bits of Wool has given me an award...

"Primitive Excellence Award"

And, as blog awards go, I am will pay it forward and share the sweetness...!

Here are my picks:

These four gals define Primitive Folk Art, for me, as a folk artist...

Sherry's exquisite hooked rugs and whimsies...I own one of Sherry's hooked pieces, and I can tell you that her craftsmanship is incomparable! And, she is so willing to share her years of experience--I've lost count of how many of us girls she's taught to hook, over the phone (yes, that does sound a bit racey doesn't it?!)

Lori's fabulous work--her scherenschnitte (papercuttings) are timeless--a rare quality in the modern folk art world...

Joee & Dylan never cease to amaze us all with their innovative and beautiful designs--I have long admired the "honest" quality of their work! And every week, rain or shine, there's something new to enchant and amaze!!

Rochelle's dollies are simply wonderful in every way--muslin folk figures that demand you fall in love with them...and it's quite easy, believe me. Each is their very own little personage--Rochelle takes traditional "techniques" and then sprinkles each figure with a sense of humor, happiness, and a sweet spirit. Dollie Goodness personified! :)

Now, I really must fly from the husband & I are headed to The Inn of Glenhaven to celebrate our 9th anniversary! I am soooo excited! I am taking my sketchbook, of course, and my camera to take pictures to share with you...the Estus area is one of Colorado's most beautiful spots...stay tuned!

Until next time,



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Homemade, Handmade, Christmas...

It's been years since I've made all of our gifts to give--about 5 years, to be exact!! But one lovely Christmas I crocheted mittens, hats, scarves...some were a bit ill-fitting, occasionally a mitten thumb grew wonky round by round, gauge tightened and released without my effort or realization...2001? was indeed "better to give than to receive"! :) However, I feel I have grown a bit in the area of craftsmanship, and I shall give it another whirl! Is my post a bit "early"--well yes, but there are only...

How's that for the ol' blood pressure??? Truth be told, I love the flashy, ticking, seems most everyone celebrates something during the winter season...Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwaanza...or just plain and simple commercialism, falling prey to every ad. and sale that flashes before our collective eyes as we vegetate in front of our screen of choice...and that, my friends, is a tradition I would like to avoid. I want to teach my kiddos the value of creating, and receiving, homemade goodness. So--what are my plans, my ideas? What's on my wonderful list? (And aren't Christmas Lists just FUN!! To carefully scribe a name on pretty paper and thoughtfully pen the perfect gift???) Well. So far I've thought of the following...all to make my very own self:

  1. Waldorf dollies--I've made a few of these, and the ones that float around our nest seem to remain...they rise above their plastic cousins and remain timeless and more dear as the years go by. Tattered and loved, they are some of the most confident and secure toys in the girls' room....they know they will live with us forever!

  2. Hooked Rugs...and purses! Those little 5"X7" bags with a longer strap are soooo popular now! I am quite certain there are gals on my list that would enjoy carrying them! And then, of course, larger rugs for all of the parents??? There are MANY of Lori Brechlin's designs that I would like to try...and Karen Kahle...and, and...!!!
  3. Boiled Wool...stuff. Slippers, hats, potholders & mitts...all embellished with needle felting...
  4. And, of course, CROCHET!! :) I got this very cool pattern from etsy seller thnkdfrent. Fashionable for kiddos and grown-ups...anywho.

From week to week I'll try to apprise you of my progress (or lack thereof)...both girls will be in school this year, as Mags is starting pre-school--whatever shall I do with myself??? Make Christmas gifts! And yes, the early start is necessary because of allll the orders, shows, auctions, and everything else that keeps me so very, very, busy! But hopefully, my early start will "plant a seed" and inspire you to begin your own homemade handmade list...and we can burn the midnight oil together, come December!



Friday, August 1, 2008

*Confections*, at Collins Gifts...

A lovely group of bears and 'keepers have recently left the nest--and they are all to be found in New Hampshire, at Collins Gifts!

And, you are all cordially invited to the web show which begins one hour after the artists signing...
The web show will go "live" at 11am EDT on Sunday, August 3rd--
*Aunt Tutty*
One of a Kind, 12"

Aunt Tutty is especially proud of her dress she's made to wear to Wendy's party!! It reminds her of coconut cream pie...and everyone knows that is Aunt Tutty's favorite lunch...breakfast...dinner, er, tea--snack! (In fact, that's all she really eats. You'll want to make two and freeze one...)
When Aunt Tutty's not eating pie, she likes to Jitterbug and take naps.
Cousin Johnny
One of a Kind, 14"


Cousin Johnny is used to being quite spoiled by all of his auntie bears--he will expect--and sometimes, demand--a sweet treat made especially for him at about 10 o'clock each Tuesday.

NOTE: Cousin Johnny is most comfortable at bedtime with a feather pillow and night light--otherwise, he'll wait until the household is asleep and eat all of the Cheerios!!


Aunt Lemmy Pie

14", One of a Kind


Aunt Lemmy Pie is known for exactly that!--her most excellent lemon pie...and, as you can see, she also enjoys dressing up. Lemmy is quite fond of her little paper shoes, & she will NOT take them off, under any circumstance. Strangely, Aunt Lemmy does not eat the pies she makes...she prefers green beans and cantaloupe.

NOTE: Very partial to Katharine Hepburn movies...


And, finally, a party of pinkeepers!!

*Sunny the Sewing Bear*

*Oma's Pinkeeper*

*Pink Ele' Blossom*

*Blossom Duck--Ellie*

*Angel Bun'*

*Chickie's First Tea!*

Thank you all for your, you are sooooo disappointed aren't you??? I mean, a whole, entire, blog entry without one bit of looniness!! What's up with that?

Alright. I relent. And i'll share with you my very favorite dog haiku:

Dig under fence -- why?

Because it's there. Because it's

There. Because it's there.

Or is it this one....???

I sound the alarm!

Mailman Fiend -- come to kill all --

Look! Look! Look! Look! Look!

Or is it...okay. g'night gracie.