Friday, January 30, 2009

the business of art....and a puzzle

yikes! i am simply frantic...sort of...i don't really have enough energy to be truly frantic. :) blogs are a wonderful, beautiful, thing...but keeping up with posts, visiting other folk's digs, replying to comments. and now, of course, there's the whole new friending-networking-facebooking madness... all wonderful, but mighty time-consuming. how does a girl manage?! to top it all off, comcast changed their entire email format/system thingy on sunday--i can't seem to use my address book, write an email (unless it's a reply)--it's horribly inconveniencing!! and the last thing i needed to add to the stress of keeping up with orders, shipping, and general customer service. (sigh) i've no idea if i'll be able to do a newsletter with my current email address!!

in addition to the logistics of their only being 24 hours in a day, and the horror of my new inbox...there's also this creative niggling going on in my noggin...

i've long suspected that one point all of my mediums would "crash"...would make a merry little wreck of arty goodness...and it feels sooooo close!~~but it's just not here yet. (sigh) and i know it's always worth the wait....but i HATE to wait!!

it's 3D. buy it's also cloth...and my new poppets are surely a part--i'm painting on little chunks of wood, but i'm not sure i like what i'm coming up with...

is it just me, of does she look a little under-impressed? :)

so what does this new "it" look like???? (except i can't see "it")
i think there's some embroidery, and maybe a bit of clay...and all of these different elements lead me to believe "it" is some sort of scene...but WHAT sort?! arrrrgh!!!! and stranger still, "it" might be a bit "goth". what?! is this me??? a dark sweetness...a bit creepy...good heavens!

i do know that so many of you have written or commented that you miss my cloth dollies, that i used to offer on such a regular basis...

i should let you know, i suppose, that i miss them too!! just began to feel as if i was a dollie's so important to me, even if it's just a wee poppet, that my work is "honest"--not lost in trend and artifice.


anyway. do you struggle with these same woes, gentle reader? how do you organize? how do you cope? how do you unlock the elusive work-to-be from a busy artist's heart?

a completely nutty-meg


Sherry said...

hmmmm COULD THAT answer be the 8th wonder of the world?????? You know how long I've been doing this & the answer has always escaped me.

Hey maybe when I get to heaven I'll know the answer & I'll send it to you!!!! That is if ya ever get your email to work again!!!!!

And YES I DO intend to go to heaven!!!!!

Your Friend & Queen

Lori said...

just follow your Dear Heart Megan will lead you to where you should be.

(great advice coming from a geek like me, huh?)


Dixie Redmond said...

Aw, Meg. Just today I was thinking that I get maybe a 2 hour chunk each day to create in. And it's hard to ignore the other things in the house that need attention.

And I feel pulled in so many directions - should I paint or sew or draw, etc??? It's hard to stay focused. I hae learned that if I focus, I can get a lot done in a 15 minute section. There was a book by Nancy Zieman years ago called, 10-20-30 Minutes to Sew. The whole idea is to divide your project into do-able chunks. It works as long as I stay off Facebook!

I'm so happy I have one of your rabbit dolls, btw.

vintagepaletteart said...

I look forward to each fall so I can bring out my adorable shelf sitters made by you sweet Nutmeg! They always make me this............=o)


Greeneyez2 said...

Oh my it's my Emily Dickinson doll!!! My how I love her. She sits upon a shelf with several other favorites of mine to this very day. Hope you are doing well, miss talking to you and the gals on the groups that I no longer belong to. Take Care Nutmeg =o)