Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tildy, Franny, and Pippa!

I have been asked to tell you, just right off, that Pippa! (she's the tiny bear) must have a "!" after her name...regardless if you are speaking of her or writing about her, it is her personal requirement. (There! Now that's done, eh?! Oh, no! I'm doing it too!!)

Just look at that fine bunch! And I have soooooo much to tell you about them! Now, that Annie (who is NOT for sale!) used to belong to my dear buddy, Sherry Kristoff. She is a sweet, sweet, friend, who has entrusted me with her Annie that nice or what? And she also made the hooked flowers that are sitting on the larger bear and ele's head...Sherry has such an amazing talent, and I have learned so much from her! From how to hook rugs (or not to, as the case may be), to "breezies", Sherry is an invaluable resource... I am so very blessed to call her my friend and fellow artist... now, on to the gang for this week!!
(sold! thank you!)
*Franny & Pippa*

Awww....! Can I tell you how much I want to keep this pair? And how fun Pippa! was to make...really a treat. Frannie is 8" seated, and would be 11" standing (if she could, which she can't...!) Aged and over-dyed mohair, loosely jointed, stuffed like the old time bears~~excelsior, sand, and wool...there's too many details to name them all! Lots of "old" lace, trinkets & treasures, new and old...Frannie and 4" Pippa! are a delight...
SOLD! (thank you)

Who's that sweet pink Ele' with the bunch of daisies?! It's Tildy! She has a fancy hooked flower bonnet, too...(these are pinned on, by the by)...and I have crocheted her a sweet little scarf to keep away the chill. :) Tildy's body/"suit" is sewn from a 1930's quilt block that I've lined with muslin...I carefully cut out the shapes to correspond with the quilting pattern, and the effect is quite charming!
She too is 11", and about 7" seated...made from over-dyed, aged and "worn" mohair and stuffed in the same way as Franny...her noggin is a bit different than most is an altered combination of a Japanese craft book and vintage chickie pattern! Huh. And after all that fuss, I imagine there won't be another quite like her! LOL
Tildy has yummy little trims as a locket full of secrets...shhhhh! Don't tell!
contact me to purchase!

"My friends are my estate."
Emily Dickinson

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Family Thing...

Well here's a free pattern for September...

...from Chloe, age 6! I am so proud! :)

She does have the coolest little drawings...they are profuse and profound...and of course you know that's a little squirrel reaching up for a bunch of acorns...right?!

We are talking about doing a little book or something...

I want to surprise her with this drawing embroidered/appliqued on a t-shirt! I'll keep ya posted...

And here's my squirrel :)

I think he's just awoken some very sleepy acorns! This chart is named for that freaky rain-stick sound that squirrels make when trotting around trees (as only squirrels can do...)

*Skitter* ©2007

Megan Wommack

My next update will be on Saturday evening, September 22nd...please check back then for new work! :) And I think (maybe) it's the last shout for Halloween...I'd like to do a bit of Thanksgiving, and then it's on to Guy Fawkes day (kidding...but you really should watch V for Vendetta).



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hannah and Tillman...

Good Afternoon~!

It is sooooo busy here in the nest!, girl scouts, cooking and baking...and of course, bear making! I have a trio of bears to show you, and Rochelle's doll is window dressing...she is NOT for sale!

Well here's Tillman and little Hannah...

Tillman is quite the largest bear I've made and he is so grand~! He is 16" and made of mohair with antique boot button eyes...stuffed with excelsior, wool, and sand & loosely 5-way jointed. His nose is stitched on in a scruffy fashion...his paw pads are beautiful wool fabric from Skip to my Ewe. (Thanks Tammy!)

I crocheted him a scarf with wool and linen blend yarn...I've pinned an antique brass apple charm, brown velvet ribbon, and a small, "old", key to the scarf...He is hand-shaded, a bit "snarfy"...

SOLD (thank you!!)

email me to purchase

And then there's was quite a production getting her all ready! I hold her absolutely responsible for any delays or interruptions in today's programming....

...she gossiped with the dollies and got into things...

...planned her Halloween costume...

...argued with Tillman, who was quite annoyed...(sigh)

Hannah is 5-way jointed, made of mohair and stuffed with wool, excelsior, and sand...her snapping black eyes are antique shoe buttons, and her nose and ears are stitched with brown thread. After much discussion, I allowed her to dress herself. Hannah is wearing a vintage handkerchief skirt "fastened" with a green vintage button, and some strange sort of scarf made from ric-rac, lace, and part of an old locket has an "H" inside and some pink roses...

SOLD (thank you!!)

email me to purchase...

Pandy from last week is still available...

SOLD (thank you!!)

Well, that's all for this evening...I must away to dinner before the bears eat all the soup!



Monday, September 3, 2007

*M* my name is Megan Sue...

I have so much to tell and to show!! Oh my!! Here's a Bear, hot off the nest...(hee-heeee)

She's on eBay...just click the pic. to visit...

I've been tagged by Tammy of Skip To My Ewe, who was tagged by Primitive Betty'

"To play the game...... you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog...."

Well. My middle name is "Sue", and here goes nothin'!!

*S* is for sure...sure of my faith and sure of my family.

*U* is for unpredictable...I myself never know exactly what medium I will try next! And the jury's still out as to whether this is a good thing...! LOL I've been reflecting upon making myself stick to one particular medium for an undetermined amount of time. I might be able to handle that. (snicker)

*E* is for ethereal....KIDDING!

*E* is for egocentric...but I'm working on least I'm not egregious or emetic...and I shall continue to loath the esoteric majority.

Now....who to TAG?! hmmmmmmmmmmmm..........

Of course I know who's first...

Rochelle!!! of the garbage goose...ya gotta dig that Titus lovin' chickie...

Karen of Countryfolk Keepsakes...This gal is soooo talented AND sweet...

and Annie of Chickadee must take a gander at her naive portraits...oh my! (and she is part of etsyFOLK with Rochellie and I...and me?...hmmmm, idunno.)

OK so that's that...almost...I also got an award for being a DOLL! :) From 2 other artists! Such a nice surprise!! Nena Crouch of Nanny's Cottage and Sharon aka Greeneyez2 think I'm a doll! So neener-neener-boo-boo to you!

Hah~! (I'm also ironic.)

Anywho, anyone who's anyone on the folky part of the web knows about the gal I'm going to tag...and I'm sure she's been called a dollie before! Blondie Spence of Vintage Primitives is organizing this amazing charity auction for Ava Grace, a little baby girl who was born with Pfieffer's Symdrome. This poor sweetie has already undergone many surgeries and has so many more to today's world, it can be a scary thing to rely upon the kindness of strangers...medical bills, multiple surgeries, the never-ending "unknown"...what an incredible burden for this little gal and her family to bear!! We who are participating in the auction are trying to ease this family's load, just a little...please, please, attend our silent auction Sept. 16th through the 22nd....

Ava Grace...

I'll be reminding my mailing list and of course, I'll keep you updated as the auction progresses. I am thankful to be able to be give back just a tiny bit of what has been given to me.