Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Editing is for sissies...

I forgot something--I could have just added it, but we'll make up for 2 month's silence today...

I did have...one...super....wicked....amazing....idea to make money. My sister and I were discussing all of the Twilight Paraphernalia that has besieged Our Great Nation...like Edward T-shirts (personally, I want "I'm betting on Alice" or nothing, but that's just me).

Now tell me, what good is Rob Pattinson's face if you can't actually see it yourself?

I'm sure you do see--easily!--what I mean....
So--you heard it here first--
Shoes. With Edward's face on the toes...but--here's where it gets good--Edward's face is facing the shoe-wearer. Gazing up at you....with that intense, vampiric yearning...his cold exterior belying and gently providing exquisite contrast to his incredibly warm heart.
I'm just saying.
You heard it here FIRST.
Maybe I should write teen fiction?
Would that I were a snarky image stealer(s) who's making a whopping on various venues right now selling bling-bling to Twilight Addicts (okay, maybe not....but they are making money!)
What? What's that you say? No, no...I took that picture of Edward myself. Really...it was right after we'd had the most delightful brunch (he paid)...I was wearing my favorite flowered clogs...he let me drive the shiny Volvo....then we went for a run and he played me the song he wrote for me. They're keeping that one in the movie.
PS--S., if you're reading this, and I know you are...you HAVE to admit that my on-film-vampire is hotter. And I really would let him bite me. (That's for K.)
I was going to post some footage--irrefutable proof, if you will. There's just too much to choose from...(and all of it -1 is illegal). And I will admit that the spoofs are hillarious.


Designs By CK said...

I'd for ONE would love a pair of ED sneaks peering up at me! LOL '-P)

Hope this note finds you well.

PS: I'm halfway thru "Breaking Dawn" & I wish Jacob would go AWAY or get his own girlfriend already!!! :-(

mE (-:

Northern Colorado's Premier Art Gallery said...

i KNEW i could count on you to dig my shoe idea!! :)

i do believe it was towards the end of the 3rd book...i was reading aloud and joe pitche a fit--i must say, a rather girlish fit--and then throughout the 4th book...joe, muttering..."i am going to be soooo __________ mad if ___________(anything to do with jacob"
i'd love to chat with you after you've finished the 4th--meyers is not the best "writer", but she is thee queen of plot...seriously.

jacob hasn't imprinted yet...it'll be okay, i promise. :)